Warlords of Eluria - About

The Game

Warlords of Eluria (WOE) is a turn-based fantasy wargame set in the mythical lands of Eluria. Each player takes on the role of one of the many warlord factions vieing to extend their own kingdom in a time of upheaval.

As a player you may hire many different mercenaries to lead troops into battle and employ mages to manipulate the magical ether of the land to your benefit. Capture strategic provinces and venture into unknown lands, quest dark lairs, battle with monsters and recruit a host of different followers to aid your cause.

Whatever your strategy, your goal is the destruction of your neighbours and the expansion of your own kingdom.

How to Play

The game is played entirely through the web using any of the latest generation browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc). To play you need to register, take control of a faction and from there, issue commands to your leaders. Turns are processed at regular intervals and the results from each turn are then published so that you see the effects of your strategy unfolding before you.


It is free to register and registration normally takes just a few minutes. Once you have registered you will be able to join one of the many free games that are available to all.

For more seasoned players, there are some extra game scenarios available which may have a nominal joining fee.