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Player Herjulf
Games Played250
Games Won 31
Player Score468 (view scoreboard)
Rank warlord18

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Has played in 1 gameBlooded
Has played in 1 game
Has played in 10 gamesSeasoned
Has played in 10 games
has played in 100 gamesVeteran
has played in 100 games
Has won 1 standard gameWarrior
Has won 1 standard game
Has won 1 quest gameAdventurer
Has won 1 quest game
Has won 5 quest gamesExplorer
Has won 5 quest games
Has won 1 deity gameKnight
Has won 1 deity game
Has won 5 deity gamesCrusader
Has won 5 deity games
Has made 10 posts on the forumTalker
Has made 10 posts on the forum

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