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Player Sahetill
Games Played70
Games Won 22
Player Score156 (view scoreboard)
Rank count13

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Has played in 1 gameBlooded
Has played in 1 game
Has played in 10 gamesSeasoned
Has played in 10 games
Has won 1 standard gameWarrior
Has won 1 standard game
Has won 5 standard gamesConqueror
Has won 5 standard games
Has won 1 quest gameAdventurer
Has won 1 quest game
Has won 5 quest gamesExplorer
Has won 5 quest games
Has won 1 deity gameKnight
Has won 1 deity game
Has won 5 deity gamesCrusader
Has won 5 deity games
Has made 10 posts on the forumTalker
Has made 10 posts on the forum

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Hinderthurgh in game 414 (view leaderboard)
Loanstaur in game 409 (view leaderboard)
Alteca in game 397 (view leaderboard)
Fire Nation in game 395 (view leaderboard)
Southern Water Tribe in game 392 (view leaderboard)
Roossoplede in game 390 (view leaderboard)
Roossopled in game 389 (view leaderboard)
Roossople in game 387 (view leaderboard)
Faction in game 384 (view leaderboard)
3cRoW4 in game 383 (view leaderboard)
Phoenix in game 382 (view leaderboard)
Tempeton in game 380 (view leaderboard)
Templar in game 379 (view leaderboard)
Nolotango in game 373 (view leaderboard)
Tempto in game 372 (view leaderboard)
Tactoid in game 370 (view leaderboard)
Bienbien in game 367 (view leaderboard)
Chance in game 366 (view leaderboard)
Raynand in game 364 (view leaderboard)
Rapeat in game 363 (view leaderboard)
Roosnaga in game 361 (view leaderboard)
Daikmas in game 359 (view leaderboard)
Refin in game 358 (view leaderboard)
Finality in game 356 (view leaderboard)
Triafod in game 355 (view leaderboard)
Rearlno in game 354 (view leaderboard)
Croononk in game 350 (view leaderboard)
Hamios in game 349 (view leaderboard)
FR13P0 in game 342 (view leaderboard)
FR13PO in game 341 (view leaderboard)
Ravaganda in game 331 (view leaderboard)
Black Flag in game 328 (view leaderboard)
StillProcessing in game 326 (view leaderboard)
Osprite in game 324 (view leaderboard)
Luriae in game 321 (view leaderboard)
Reglof in game 319 (view leaderboard)
Reglof in game 317 (view leaderboard)
Teragic in game 312 (view leaderboard)
Eire in game 309 (view leaderboard)
Oiho in game 307 (view leaderboard)
Eire in game 304 (view leaderboard)
Manublar in game 301 (view leaderboard)
Blergam in game 298 (view leaderboard)
Calabim in game 292 (view leaderboard)
Sulime in game 291 (view leaderboard)
Calypso in game 285 (view leaderboard)
Grandessa in game 281 (view leaderboard)
Calypso in game 279 (view leaderboard)
Calypso in game 271 (view leaderboard)
Calypso in game 266 (view leaderboard)
Ferelden in game 263 (view leaderboard)
Ferelden in game 262 (view leaderboard)
Cancanita in game 258 (view leaderboard)
Fumatuck in game 257 (view leaderboard)
Fumatuck in game 255 (view leaderboard)
Fumatuck in game 252 (view leaderboard)
Eirenat in game 251 (view leaderboard)
Connemara in game 247 (view leaderboard)
Connemara in game 246 (view leaderboard)
Eirenat in game 244 (view leaderboard)
Los Eire in game 241 (view leaderboard)
Los Eire in game 240 (view leaderboard)
Los Eire in game 238 (view leaderboard)
Connemara in game 236 (view leaderboard)
Eire in game 231 (view leaderboard)
Connemara in game 225 (view leaderboard)
Eirenat in game 220 (view leaderboard)
Xaos Lexus in game 214 (view leaderboard)
Eire in game 209 (view leaderboard)
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